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Welcome to, your gateway to on-call Private Chefs. We’re are experienced and inspired chefs, dedicated to applying our culinary artistry to your specific needs when and where you desire, for as long as you desire – be it a day, a week, even an entire month. For homes, we offer splendid dining with freedom and convenience. From shopping to preparation to clean up, we handle all the details, allowing you to rest assured that: You and your family will enjoy sitting down to healthy and fabulous meals together even on the busiest days. Your special dietary needs and wishes will be deliciously served by a caring and qualified professional. Guests at your home will leave the table satisfied, delighted, even dazzled! For busy homes, a Private Chef offers many advantages. To have an on-call Private Chef is the proverbial icing on the cake! Peter Cooke, a 1991 Culinary Institute of America trained Chef himself, with years of industry experience. Peter is also available to serve you. His specialties are Rustic, Classical, Vegan and Fusion cuisines. Again, welcome to We’re pleased that you found us. Call us, and we believe you will be pleased too.

We Specialize in Last Minute Booking

We specialize in last minute bookings, depending on availability!

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